Canyon Home Kitchen Island Chandelier Light

Canyon Home Kitchen Island Chandelier Light

Your kitchen is where you spend the most time as a family, be it sharing stories, enjoying meals, or relaxing together after a long day. That's why you want it to feel warm and welcoming with the beautifully elegant Canyon Home Kitchen Island Chandelier that supports 8 stunning 25-watt light bulbs and surrounds them in transparent glass "shades".The small glass lampshades surround each individual light bulb to create a stunningly original look that matches well with your appliances and kitchen decor.You may use dimmable bulbs in these rectangular chandeliers to help create a more defined lighting experience in your home, perfect for intimate dinner settings.Rectangular Chandelier Design Designed around a lightweight, black steel frame these kitchen island chandeliers help cover more space over your center island to give you more balanced vertical coverage that looks great in almost every personal setting. Standard Fixture Installation Our kitchen island lighting can be installed in place of existing lights that sit over your island thanks to a center chain that connects each corner together. Having a partner to help you get it balanced and even can help ensure a smoother installation. Each shorter chain that connects to the center chain is cut perfectly to balance it horizontally and to ensure it stays safely secure while hanging from the ceiling.Each of the glass lamp shades can be safely secured to the steel frame to keep them from falling or sliding out of place. They also help protect the bulbs from dirt or dust.You can easily remove the glass shade covers to wash them by hand and keep them looking pristine in your kitchen. Just use mild soap and water and dry them fully before replacing them. 8-Light Kitchen Island Chandelier . Highlight food prep areas and provide soothing lighting to the place you spend the most time with this steel and glass fixture. Transparent Glass Shades . Surrounding each small light bulb is a premium glass lampshade that protects the bulbs and creates a beautiful ambiance experience. Vintage, Decorative Piece . The rectangular steel design with the eight standing lights provide a contemporary feel that brings a room together from top to bottom. Adjustable Support Chain . Every 20" chain length allows you to adjust it from 17" to 32.3" in height to better suit your kitchen's island and provide optimal lighting.

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