Kitchen Cabinet Specifications

Cabinets need to come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. They are made to fit into a variety of spaces, either at home or in a professional setting. In order to provide your space with the cabinet solution you want, we make our products to the specifications you need. Depending on the cabinet solution you are planning, the size of the cabinets, including the height, depth, width, and more, can all be adjusted and customized. Our products will fit any standard or custom dimensions and specifications.

B12, B15, B18, B21
B24, B27, B30, B36
SB30, SB33, SB36
DB12, DB15, DB18, DB21, DB24, DB30, DB36
DB15, DB18, DB21, DB24
BBC42, BBC45
DCB33, DCB36
48 x 96
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W1230, W1240, W1530, W1540 W1830, W1840
W2430, W2440, W2730, W2740 W3030, W3040,
WBC2730, WBC2740
WDC2430, WDC2440
MWC2730, MWC2740
WTH3015, WTH3615
W2412, W2424, W3012, W3015, W3018, W3024
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WP1884, WP1894, WP2184, WP2194
WP2484, WP2494
OVD3384, OVD3394
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