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Tips for designing a bathroom that best suits your needs.

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Did you know that we spend far more time in the bathroom than we think? According to the Infographic Archive, it’s estimated that the average person spends 813.3 days in the restroom, which equates to over two years of their life. So, without a doubt, bathrooms play a key role in our daily life. If you were to spend so much time in it, good bathroom design is essential to help you achieve your everyday needs as well as give you a relaxing space to relax after a long day. Whether you agree or not, bathroom design can make a big difference in how you live your life and a way to elevate your home value to the next level. Check out these tips to guide you and get inspired so you can too have the best bathroom experience based on your one and only lifestyle.


Design for couple

If you are living with your loved one and are tired of sharing a cramped bathroom, here are some useful tips that you might not know.

Make sure you have two sinks: This should be self-explanatory, Have you experienced waking up with your partner at the same time only having to share that one precious sink together that you have to start using the tub to brush your teeth which could be a huge pain in the morning? Having a two-sink vanity would solve this problem. Check out Bathlyn for modern and trendy vanity inspiration.

Consider a bigger mirror: That tiny mirror over your sink might not be enough for you to see everything. If you have space, you might want to update your mirror to a full-size mirror on the wall or a freestanding one that allows you to see yourself from head to toes. If you wish, throw some technology in it, and add LED light! The lady will gladly appreciate this.

Invest in a hot tub: After a long day at work, what beats a good time in a roomy jetted tub with massaging jets with your loved one spending some alone time together and relaxing because you deserve it?

Keep it Organized: Now that you are sharing the bathroom with someone else, you better not be messy else she will be bossy. Make sure you both have enough space to organize your cosmetics and razor. Use storage and separate it into two sections, or install a medicine cabinet. Do not just leave everything on the surface. Keep everything clean, convenient, and spacious. It will also make your visitor feel welcome, they don’t need to know what brand of cosmetics you used.


Design for Kids

Bathrooms are important for everyone, and that includes your beautiful child too. These tips might just elevate your kids' bathroom experience and make the bathroom fun and enjoyable for your kid.

Kid Safety: Safety is always first on the list. To ensure your bathroom is kid friendly. You will need outlet covers to prevent the little finger from getting into any kind of unnecessary trouble. The bathroom floor and tub could be very slippery and extremely dangerous. You can use cement tile since they are slip-proof and use a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub. Lastly, remember to not place any adult medicine or anything that could be toxic in your child’s bathroom, or at least put it at a spot that you know for sure that they can’t reach.

Kid-friendly tub: Most tubs out there are not designed specifically for toddlers. You can find a bathtub for toddlers on Amazon and simply put it in the tub whenever they need it until they are ready to use the full-size tub.

Use fancy colors: Select a cute theme or kid-friendly color scheme, and use it for bathroom curtains, rugs, and décor. This can be anything from your child’s favorite character to color. They will for sure enjoy this more than a white plain bathroom design.

LED Lighting: Invest in some LED light, not only does it looks cool to your kid, but it also provides them vision when they need to use the bathroom in the dark. Let’s face it, we have all experienced the fear of walking into a dark and mysterious bathroom as a kid.


Design for Seniors

Bathroom safety is also very important for the senior group. Bathroom accidents are very common and can cause serious injuries. These tips might help minimize the risk and maintain the bathroom experience for the senior.

Accessibility: The safety of Seniors is super important, consider an emergency button in case of any accident that seniors can press if help is needed. Also, install grab bars on the shower and tub that can help push themselves up if they feel tired or dizzy. Make sure all necessary items like shampoo, body wash, and towels are within reaching distance for seniors. Lastly, the dimension of the bathroom door is very important. It should be at least 34-inches wide for wheelchair access and the mirror should be the right height for seniors.

Tub or Shower chair: Some seniors might have trouble standing for a long time, consider putting a bathroom chair inside the tub to help maintain balance while bathing. These chairs could be found on Amazon and should be waterproof, safe, and comfortable.

Minimalist Design: They like it simple, Senior don’t need that much stuff, especially things that can get in their way. The less cluttered the bathroom, the safer it is for seniors to navigate around the bathroom.

Light system: For many seniors, frequent urination is a very common thing. This became a problem during nighttime when it is dark. Installing night lights can help reduce the chance of serious falls or injuries.

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